October 26, 2020 3 min read

If you’re just starting out on your digital planner journey then you may be wondering where to begin. Many people who can’t find agreat digital planner template online will turn their hand to making their very own digital planner - from scratch! It’s possible, though certainly not easy!

In this post we take a look at how you can venture down the ‘planner from scratch’ route by yourself. If you think you’d rather not go to the hassle, scroll to the end where we’ll help you with a much quicker and easier solution! 

To Start From Scratch or Be A BOSS? 

If you’re going to create a planner from scratch you’ll first need to understand the lay of the land. Starting from nothing means getting your head around a range of different programs and apps - from Keynote to GoogleDocs, Goodnotes to Powerpoint, and possibly also InDesign or Illustrator too. Find yourself some tutorials, hunker down, and spend some time learning the ins and outs of the technology you’re hoping to use. 

Creating a Framework

Once you’ve made a start designing the PDF you’re going to use as a planner, you’ll want to give it more depth and functionality by adding plenty of tabs and text. 

If you’re using Keynote, for example, you’ll first need to figure out the size of your paper and do some calculations for the precise size of the tabs you’re creating.

Then you can create boxes to mimic the look of tabs, add a border and drop shadow, and move them all to the side or top of your page - depending on your preferred design. 

Adding text can be a little tricky if you want to use your own fonts. There are programs that can help you apply special fonts in your planner creation, but some, like Adobe Creative Cloud, costs more than US$50 per month. Ouch!

Other apps, like Vectornator, are free, but you’ll need to spend a bit of time google to work out how to go about things. 

Adding Hyperlinks

The tabs you created in the previous step need to go … somewhere. Once you’ve done the hard yards getting the basic shell of your planner up and running, it’s time to link things together. 

Add as many blank slides as you think you will need for the tabs you’ve created. Then right click on the link, click ‘add link’ then ‘slide’, and choose the slide you want to link to from that tab. 

For example if you’ve set up twelve tabs to represent the twelve months of the year, then right click on ‘Feb’ and link it to the slide where you’ve set up information for February.

Working Out Your Layout

This is arguably the most important, and time-consuming, part of creating a digital planner from scratch.

Your layout governs everything about the way you use your planner. From creating the individual squares that will make up your calendar, to drawing out your daily planner lines, this is the real nitty-gritty design phase of digital planner creation.

It might take you weeks, but if you’re dead set on a totally bespoke digital planner then the time spent will be a necessary evil. 


Wondering how to create a digital planner from scratch? It’s possible, but hard! If you’re a fan of tinkering with technology and enjoy very methodical processes, you may well love the journey that is creating a digital planner from thin air. 

But many of us would rather just get into it, rather than fussing about with PDF creation, layouts, hyperlinks, exporting, and learning a million different programs and apps.

That’s where theBOSS Digital Personal Planner becomes a lifesaver (and timesaver too!) It’s a beautifully designed, comprehensive personal planner that is filled with useful pages that you will just love to fill. 

The BOSS digital planner has pages for monthly, weekly, and daily planning, as well as tabs for forming good habits, tracking your goals, and prioritising. 

If you want something a little more specific, BOSS can help with that, too! Check out the BOSSfitness planner orbudget planner so that you don’t need to go about the rather mammoth task of creating a digital planner from scratch!


How to Create a Digital Planner with BOSS

If you have your heart set on learning how to create a digital planner, but don’t want to have to deal with all the hassle making one from scratch, then getting starting with BOSS is a very well-planned move indeed. Just head to ourdigital planners page to browse our selection and get up and running with your newfound organization skills in the blink of an eye!

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