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Budgeting Template for Google Sheets

Budgeting Template for Google Sheets

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What are the benefits of budgeting?

  1. You'll reduce stress when it comes to your money

  2. You'll pay down unwanted debt

  3. You'll save money so you can do what makes you happy

These are just 3 benefits but there are so many more. Taking control of your personal finances is one of the best things you can do.

Why do I need a Google Sheets budget template?

Even if you're rich, money management is extremely important. You've heard about people making millions going broke so it's something you should manage.

The problem is, that many people are just lazy and don't want to sit down and work on a budget. Yes, budgeting takes work.

To be straightforward with you, many of the automatic budgeting tools where that do everything automatically are useless.

"Set it and forget it"

Exactly, you forget about it so you don't really manage your finances. You don't know what is going on with your money.

The Google Sheets budget template is a great solution because it does require some manual inputs but it also had some automatic formulas to make things easier.

Having a Google Sheets budget template is one of the best ways to manage your personal finances.

What can I track?

You can track all of your income and expenses transactions plus keep track of things like savings and debt.

Finances are not complicated, it really doesn't require knowing much. Basically, make sure you have more money coming in each month than going out.

By tracking your income and expenses, you can make decisions on things to cut or possibly find additional sources of income.

You can also keep track of your savings and debt. Two of the other important aspects of your personal finances.

With your debt, you can track multiple debt sources from credit card to loans. Tracking when you make payments, how much, and when you'll pay off the debt completely.

What are the benefits of a budget spreadsheet?

Do you like money because you'll have more of it once you start using your budget template.

It's really as simple as that, once you start using the budget spreadsheet and working on your budget, you'll put more money in your bank account.

Here are some of the reasons you should use a Google Sheets budget template.

Pay down your debt

With interest rates typically being 3-7% on loans like mortgages or car loans all the way up to 25% on some credit cards, you want to make sure you have as little debt as possible.

Pay down debt quickly by mapping out how much you have and where then make extra payments to pay it off quickly.

Not having to worry about debt and interest payments will put a lot more money into you pocket every month.

Increase your savings

You always want to have some money saved up. An emergency fund. Retirement fund. Extra money for something you want.

It relieves stress knowing you have money sitting in an account just waiting for the moment you need it.

A better understanding of your finances

How many people know nearly nothing about their finances? They just swipe their debit or credit card and hope it doesn't get declined.

Or they panic when a big, unexpected, expense comes along. Maybe a hospital bill or car repair.

It causes so much unnecessary stress and frustration.

When you start using the Google Sheets Budget Template, you'll know exactly how your finances are. You'll know how much you're spending each month, how much is coming in, and how much you have in savings.

Just knowing this information will put you at ease. With some adjustments, you can cut expenses and focus on building better money habits.

No monthly subscription

Many budget apps require a monthly subscription, this budget template is a one time purchase.

Once you buy it, you own it.

Automatic formulas

We're all about productivity and self improvement here at Boss Personal Planner and one of our beliefs is that things should be done manually.

You should write things down because it helps you better understand what you're working on.

The same goes with our budgeting products. It's better to write or add the transactions yourself so you know everything that is happening.

With our Digital Budget Planner, you do it all. With our Google Sheets Budget Template, you enter all of the transactions manually but you have formulas that will automatically add things up or fill them in other places.

This is a great balance that still gives you the insight and data to really know your personal finances.

Personal annual and monthly budget template

This Google Sheets budget template can be used as both a monthly budget and an annual budget template.

There are benefits to using either a monthly or annual budget but some budget templates can incorporate both aspects.

Our budget planner lets you break down your finances into both monthly and annual budgets. You can visually see how your budget looks.

Compare data on income and expenses, what are the expense categories, and how much money you're spending each month and over the course of the year.

It really lets you take a look at the big picture of your financial situation. Giving you the ultimate peace and mind about your money.

What makes this spreadsheet budget template better?

Our Google Sheets budget template is a powerful combination of manual data extra and automation.

Pure automation with most budgeting tools and apps makes for weak money management. Sure, maybe you see your budget summary or account overview, maybe you even look at transaction history but you don't get the details or understand that helps you.

When you take a few minutes each day to enter the transactions from the day, review each bank account and build a budget, you don't have the proper resources to improve your financial situation.

This budget template will make sure you 100% understand exactly what money is coming in and going out each month. You'll know how much money should be in your bank. There won't be surprises that leave you scratching your head.

  • Always know your current balance

  • Know the actual amount you're spending on monthly expenses

  • Track debt and savings

  • Sort expenses into categories

  • Be able to see your budget on the go (via the Google Sheets app on smartphones)

Why a Google Sheets template?

Google sheets is one of the most popular spreadsheet software and it can work on Mac, Windows, and phones.

It is also free and easy to use so you can literally get started right away, just download your new budget template and get started on your path to financial freedom.

Google Sheets is a powerful tool and becomes even more powerful when you use a budget template. It looks beautiful and lets you stay organized with ease.

How do you use the Google Sheets template?

Budgeted Categories

1. Fill out Income Categories and Expense Categories that you would like to track throughout the sheet.

These categories will later be used on the other tabs allowing you to keep your budget organized.

Budgeted Expenses

1. There will be sections for each of the categories that were filled out under the budgeted categories. Fill out each of the components as applicable.

2. If you need to add another line item, just copy (CTRL + C) the line above and paste it where you need it. Ensure Column A is filled out correctly using the dropdown. The dropdown is from the Budgeted Categories that were previously filled out


1. Fill out the Income and Savings information as categorized. An end date does not need to be put in - only if applicable. 2. You will see by month, based on frequency, how each of the months plays out based on the budget.3. The expenses will pull in on the bottom based on the budgeted expenses. Actual Transactions1. This will be where you fill out the actual transactions, using the same categories as filled in the original tab.

Actual Transactions

This is where you track each of the actual transactions that you make. From income to spending, if you make a transaction, this is where it gets entered.

The transaction entered on this sheet will update on the monthly and yearly dashboards.

Monthly Dashboard

View the monthly budget and how you are doing. Everything on this tab is automatically calculated and formulated, there is no input needed from you.

You can select the month here, either current or a previous month, and view all the data for each category. You can see what was budgeted vs your actual expenses and income.

There are also multiple charts to give you a visual summary of your monthly income and expenses.

Yearly Dashboard

The yearly dashboard acts as an annual budget template so you can understand your finances on a larger scale.

What makes this the best budget is it gives you the full picture of your financial situation. You can see each month, each transaction, and also the full year picture.

You can quickly take a look at your yearly summary and make adjustments before it's too late.

Get started with Google Sheets Budget Template

Most people want to be lazy and not worry about a budget but then they aren't happy with their financial situation.

If you want an easy, simple budget, one that will save you time, money, and stress, then you need this budget spreadsheet.

It's not something to be intimidated by. It's a necessary personal finance tool that requires just a small amount of time.

You'll be less stressed about your finances and have more freedom to do things you enjoy. After you see how great the results are, you'll wish you had this budget template sooner.

How it works

Once you purchase the Google Sheets Budget Template, you will get a PDF download with the link to open the spreadsheet. When you open it, it lets you copy the Google Sheet document and create your own.

This is now a fully editable version of the budget template. There are additional instructions in the document before you get started.


Budgeting Template for Google Sheets is meant to be used with Google Sheet and is not formatted for Microsoft Excel so it may not function properly in Excel.

Refund Policy

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns prior to your purchase.

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