Boss Personal Planner Story

Built from experience, the Boss Personal Planner started as an essential time management tool for getting more organized, becoming more productive, and running a business. Founder Roland Marlow created the system that is now Boss Personal Planner as a result of struggling to find an existing solution that met his needs.

After multiple revisions and changes, the perfect planning system was born – a system that created a roadmap covering both long term aspirations as well as day-to-day goals, while still being easy to use and efficient. Utilizing his own planner, the founder of Boss Personal Planner grew his business to 6 figures within one year, while paying off $40k in debt in less than 8 months.

Over time the system has undergone additional revisions and adjustments to make it as user-friendly and effective as possible. Boss Personal Planner is committed to helping their customers become more efficient, more productive, and more successful than they ever imagined.

Our Mission

Our goal is to empower people to improve their lives through proper planning, helping customers accomplish their dreams by making goals and sticking to them. With our effective and easy to use planners, we've helped countless customers better their lives by becoming more organized, getting more done, and achieving their goals.

  • Our Core Values

    Effectiveness- Always keeping a focus on planning & achieving goals. Opportunity- Always seeking a path forward to newer and better. Personal Growth- Improving and working on ourselves to be the best versions possible. Success- Seeking to achieve personal success regardless of what that looks like for each individual. Persistence- Always pushing forward to grow and achieve success no matter what.

  • We are never...

    Close-minded- We understand that good things can come from new experiences and opinions. Fearful- We don't let things scare us or keep us back from our goals. Lazy- We recognize that achieving greatness requires a lot of hard work. We always strive to give it 100% every day. Arrogant- We always remain humble and gracious, and avoid coming off as arrogant. Inconsistent- When it comes to work ethic, we want to remain consistent. Inconsistency leads to failure. Slow and steady wins the race.