Ten Tips To Plan a Personalized Agenda

Ten Tips To Plan a Personalized Agenda

‘Getting personal’ can make almost any task better - but a personalized agenda planner is right up there among the most creative and useful things you can infuse with a dash of your own personality.

Taking your personal planner and transforming it into a personalized agenda can be quick, easy, and a whole lot of fun - particularly if you’re a creative type who loves stickers and sparkles.

Without further ado, here are ten tips for creating your very own personalized agenda. We’ve split these into two halves: the first for digital planners and the second for paper planners. 


Personalizing Digital Planners

1. Color Code

Color may seem like a basic approach to a personalized agenda, but it’s highly effective and a whole lot of fun! Many personal planners I know are also secret color coding ninjas, so if you haven’t climbed aboard the Rainbow Express to Highlighter Central yet - what on earth  are you waiting for? 

Color coding is the easiest way of figuring out, at a glance, what’s coming up in your daily or weekly schedule. With the BOSS  digital personal planner, you can change the color of the pens you use to quickly draw attention to different categories or types of events.

2. Use Personalized Agenda Stickers

Everyone loves a good sticker. Well, possibly not *everyone*, but many, many people do! Using digital personalized agenda stickers is one of the coolest and most creative ways to spice up your personal planner with minimal effort. 

From cute kitty cats to pumpkin spice lattes, rainbows, quotes, and pretty little details - digital planner stickers are super easy to import into your planner app and will brighten up any page instantly. 

BOSS has a range of digital planner stickers you can use to inject a little personality into your planner. Check them out  here!

3. Choose an Undated Planner

One way you can make a personalized agenda planner is to buy a planner that is undated. While many people choose to buy a dated planner for ease of use, picking one that leaves the date changing to you will broaden the ways you can use it and make sure you can customize it year on year. 

4. Buy Fun Covers

People who use paper planners often do so because they like to be able to decorate the covers of their planners and make them their own. The good news is that you don’t need to have a paper planner to do that! 

Digital planner covers are a fun and beautiful way of creating a personalized agenda planner, and can come in a range of colors and patterns. BOSS has a selection  here, otherwise you can even try to create and import one into your planner app by yourself! 

5. Add in Important Events

Filling your digital planner full of the most important events and dates in your life is perhaps the most personal you can get when it comes to creating a personalized agenda. 

The BOSS  digital personal planner, for example, has daily, weekly, and monthly planning sections where you can add all the dates important to you and your family. What better way to make a planner your own!


Personalizing Paper Planners

6. Get Arty

Personalization is traditionally the stomping ground of paper planners, and for good reason. The sky’s your limit when it comes to creating a personalized agenda in the paper planning world. 

Arts and crafts is the first, most obvious way you can add your own character to a paper planner. Gluing in pictures, stickers, and keepsakes are all common ways of getting arty within the pages of a planner - just be careful not to add too much otherwise you’ll weigh yourself down!

7. Be a Pen Pusher

Pens are very much mightier than the sword when it comes to paper personal planners! If you’re wanting to create a personalized agenda and have a flair for color - grab yourself a handful of beautiful pens and highlighters from your local stationery store, stat! 

From glitter and gel pens to watercolor pencils and paints - your trusty tools will make your planner scream ‘you’ in no time at all. 

8. Cases and Folios

Call them cases, call them folios, call them Eric. Whatever you call them, the snug little briefcase you carry your paper planner around in is a great way to put your own mark on the pages within. 

Planner cases come in all shapes and sizes - so make sure your actual planner will fit before you go out and buy one. 

Luckily, once you go on your case-buying mission you’ll find there is plenty of choice out there! From leather to fabric and in every color of the rainbow - no doubt you’ll find a case that really says “this planner belongs to me.”

9. Custom Planner Dividers

Add a personal stamp on your paper planner by making your very own custom dividers to mark where sections begin and end. You can buy sets of themed dividers from various stores online, but making your own is the best way to ensure your personality is well and truly etched into the pages of your planner. 

To make custom dividers, you can make collages using pictures and illustrations, add tabs, and then laminate them to keep them nice and firm. If you don’t like the collage look, simply laminate your favorite patterned paper - easy as that!

10. Charmed by Charms

If some paper planner bling is your kind of thing, then planner charms could be just what the doctor ordered for your personalized agenda. 

You can choose a color or a theme to go with your planner’s look, and even add matching charms to your pencil case or key ring! Whether you want to keep it minimalistic with just one or two charms, or go charm crazy with a whole bunch - the options are endless and there are so many cute charms to choose from!


Are you the newest personalized agenda planner in town?

Don’t feel overwhelmed! There are lots of options for customising both digital and paper planners, but if you start slowly, you’ll find you will soon be on top of all the choices at your disposal! Enjoy the journey! 

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