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Dark Digital Health & Fitness Planner for Goodnotes, Notability or similar apps

***This is not an app by itself, it is intended to be used with 3rd party apps such as GoodNotes or Notability. Free options are also available.

Beautiful Design

Our new dark theme fitness planner is just stunning. Sleek and effective. You'll fall in love with the beautiful design and easy to use formatting.

Check out the free sample

Helps Get Results

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or just be healthier, this is the perfect planner to help get the results you want because it is so easy to use. You can track everything you need for your health and fitness in one place. 

Simple Yet Effective

It's simple, track as you go. No complicated apps to deal with, no worry of errors, this is simple. When it is simple, it works. That is why our health and fitness tracker is the best.


✅ Clickable tab navigation
✅ Multiple cover options
✅ Ability to add more pages
✅ Goal setting
✅ Calorie and fitness log
✅ Workout log
✅ Calendar
✅ Habit tracker
✅ Food log
✅ Meal planner
✅ Grocery shopping list
✅ Intermittent fasting tracker
✅ Body measurement log
✅ Weight loss progress tracker
✅ Water intake tracker

What You Get

PDF planner to be used with any annotation iPad/Android apps and stylus
Instruction PDF

Works best with:

We recommend using the planner with an iPad using either GoodNotes or Notability. It is not limited to iPads and can be used with other devices with some limitations.

🟠 Tablet and stylus (it can be used on a computer with PDF software such as Adobe Acrobat but there are no preadded text boxes, text boxes would have to be added.)
🟠 Goodnotes
🟠 Notability
🟠 NoteLedge
🟠 Squid
🟠 Similar note apps
*Some apps will not support the premade tab links. Not supported by OneNote or Evernote.

Check out the free sample

*This is a planner intended to be used with a tablet and stylus and annotation app. If you are unclear on anything, please visit FAQ pages to see common questions & answers before ordering. This is not a standalone app, it is meant to be used with 3rd party annotation apps. There are no refunds once you download the planner.

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