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Templates for Notability - Best Digital Planner Templates

When it comes to digital planning on the iPad, there are a few PDF markup apps that are most popular.

  1. GoodNotes
  2. Notability
  3. Noteshelf

While GoodNotes is typically the most popular, Notability is a great option as well. Today we're going to look at some of the best templates for notability.

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What is Notability?

Notability is a PDF markup or annotation app for iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, or Mac), you may hear either term when talking about these apps.

If you don't know what that is, it allows you to take a planner, import it in, and with a stylus you can write on it like it's pen and paper.

It gives you the best of both worlds since you still have the many benefits of being digital.

Is Notability free?

Yes and no. Notability is free to download but if you want to unlock all of the features of the app, you'll have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription.

According to the Notability app listing page,

"Download Notability for free on iPad, Mac, and iPhone and enjoy the Notability experience with limited editing and features.

Unlock unlimited note taking and premium content with a Notability annual subscription. Subscribers have access to:

  • Unlimited edits, Auto Backup support, and iCloud sync.
  • MyScript Handwriting Recognition and Math Conversion technology.
  • Premium content like academic planners, journals, stickers, and much more!"

What is a digital planner template?

A digital planner template is a PDF planner that is meant to be used with PDF markup apps such as Notability.

The apps like Notability let you write on the planner with a stylus as if it was pen and paper but keep everything on your iPad or tablet.

The planner templates are hyperlinked so you can easily navigate around the planner, just click on the tabs, links, or buttons to go to that section.

When you download your planner, you simply import it into the app and you're ready to get started. If you've ever written on paper with a pen or pencil, you can use a digital planner.

How do you open a planner template in Notability?

There are two methods to opening your new digital planner in Notability.

Method 1 - Importing the planner from within Notability

  1. The first thing you do is click the import button in the top right corner (looks like a square with an arrow pointing down)
  2. When the menu opens, you can pick where you have your digital planner saved. Files will be the system on your iPad with additional 3rd part options such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and more.
  3. Once you select your file source, a window will display so you can find and select your planner. Simply navigate to where it is saved and click the planner.
  4. On the next popup, you will select "Create New Note", add a title or any other information you'd like to change, then click "Import" in the top right corner.
  5. You've now imported your Notability planner and can begin planning.

Method 2 - Selecting the planner and exported it to Notability

This method is how you find the planner template in your file system first, and then export it to Notability.

  1. Navigate to the planner file on your iPad. This could be in the "Files" app or other file systems such as Google Drive or Dropbox.
  2. After you found the planner file, click the export icon in the top right (for Files), it will look like a square with an arrow pointing up. When the menu pops up, select "Notability".
  3. When you click Notability, you will now be presented with a popup where you click "Create New Note" and then change the title or other information on the next screen and click "Import" in the top right.
  4. The planner has now successfully been imported to Notability and you can open up the app and begin planning.

How do I copy a template in Notability?

One of the great benefits of digital planning is the ability to easily copy pages or templates.

To copy a page, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Open up the page navigation button which looks like 2 cards in the top right corner.
  2. Find the page or template that you want to copy, click the 3 dots in the lower left corner of the thumbnail.
  3. Click copy.
  4. Click the 3 dots on the thumbnail where you want to copy the page to, then click paste.

    That's it, the new page is copied and right where you want it.

    using digital planner with notability

    How do I navigate around the planner?

    Navigation is extremely easy because the planners are hyperlinked. What does that mean?

    Well, like a website, the planner has links that take you to different pages. Each tab on the side of the planner is hyperlinked to that section.

    Depending on the planner template, there are additional links throughout. For example, a dated planner will most likely have links from the date to that page.

    Click a specific date and it will take you to that day's planning page.

    Get a free digital planner for 2022

    Are you new to digital planning or just want to give a new digital planner a try?

    We have a mini digital planner that you can download and use for free, no purchase necessary. Ready to download your free digital planner template?

    The mini digital planner offers 4 sections:

    1. Goals
    2. Priority planner
    3. Weekly planner
    4. Daily planner

      Each section can have the pages duplicated as we discussed above so you can make the planner as long as you'd like.

      Like our full digital planners, this mini planner template offers a navigation bar on the side to help you jump from section to section. Simply click on the tab to take you to that section.

      This is just a mini planner, our full digital planners offer a lot more. From a nicer design to more templates and features.

      free download notability personal planner template

      Notability Goal Templates

      Set a goal. Do it right the way you want. It helps you achieve your greatest objectives easily by using an interactive digital goal planning application.

      All of our planners are built around goals so no matter what you're doing, you'll work towards goals.

      To do lists can help but the problem is they just have you doing busy work, you're not actually working towards goals.

      No matter what planner template you pick, the first thing you'll do is set your goals. Once you have your goals set, you can build a plan of action together with tasks to help complete each goal.

      Weekly Notability Templates

      Choose your ideal digital planner and begin to plan your life more efficiently today. Select between dark or light themes.

      Our weekly planner gives you all of the great planning tools as our other planner templates but gives the heart of the planning in a weekly template.

      You can plan each day by the hour, set goals, record notes, and keep track of your entire week with ease.

      If you like a weekly planner, this is the best planner template for you!

      Budget Templates for Notability

      Money can be stressful, especially if you find yourself never having enough.

      The good news, there is always something you can do to improve your personal finances.

      Taking note of receipts and charges will help with proper financial planning and management.

      Make a budget plan, check the money spent on the month and the amount you can put into a savings account.

      Everything you need to completely manage your money is available in our digital budget planner.

      Ready to make an improve in your finances? This planner will reduce your stress when it comes to money.

      Notability Gratitude Journal Templates

      Use the digital gratitude journal in your daily life. Take more pleasure in loving your life.

      Mental health is often overlooked by many but an it's an important aspect of your overall health. One of the best ways to improve your mental health is by using a gratitude journal.

      Our digital gratitude journal is the perfect template for notability.

      These planners are fully compatible with Notability, just import them in like any other Notability planner template and get started.

      Notability Bullet Journal Templates

      We have made bullet journals digitized. This excellent Notability template helps you achieve this goal.

      Digital bullet journaling is becoming more and more popular and we took it a little further. With our digital bullet journal template, you don't just get the dot grid paper that is normal for a bullet journal, you also get nearly 60 different page templates.

      If you want lined paper, or need grid paper, basically any paper template you can think of, it's included.

      This is one of the best ways to build the planner or digital notebook that you want. You can use it for note taking, writing ideas, tracking habits, journaling, or build a complete custom digital planner.

      Notability Fitness Planner Templates

      Your health and fitness journey can be a challenge and most people end up failing.

      One of the best ways to see more success is by planning and tracking. Using a fitness tracker with Notability is a strong combination.

      You can plan aspects of your journey such as meals and workouts, plus track your progress from weight loss to body measurements.

      The best habit you can have when making a health or fitness change is planning, this planner template is the perfect tool to ensure success.

      Notability Student Planner Templates

      Take your learning experience to another level and become productive by utilizing student digital planning tools.

      Get a complete list of resources that will help you achieve better school outcomes.

      digital planner using notability

      Other Notability planner templates

      We could go on an on telling you about all of our digital planner templates but we have a bunch.

      If you're interested in learning more about the digital planners we offer, we have a great article that explains every one of our digital planner templates.

      Whether you want a monthly planner, life planner, teacher planner, or something else, we have an option for you.

      Start planning today

      Don't forget to visit our store after, we've got great deals so you can get a Notability planner today and get started.

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