8 Easy Productivity Tips from Billionaires

8 Easy Productivity Tips from Billionaires

Billionaires have a thousand tasks to do each day and are bombarded with tons of calls, messages, and emails. Despite their busy lives, they manage to build relationships, create families, and travel the world. What are the secrets of their astonishingly high productivity levels? How do they manage their time? Billionaires have their own secrets, but luckily, even the poorest of you can use those secrets in your daily life. Here are a few of the best productivity tips from billionaires:

1. Phase-out of meetings that don’t bring you money

If you host or attend a great number of meetings on a daily or weekly basis, which don’t make you richer than you are, you’re just wasting your time and effort. Mark Cuban claims, “Never do meetings unless someone is writing a check.” Prioritize your meeting and say no to others. Billionaires appreciate their time and they save it for more important things to accomplish. This helps them stay highly productive and get more things done in a day.

If you’re going to host a meeting, a multi-millionaire, Jason Fried suggests determining the duration of the meeting and setting a timer. This may sound strange and even rude to people attending your meeting, but don’t let them judge your choice. With a host of tasks and projects to accomplish, the last thing you want to do is to spend your precious time on meetings that are stealing your time and productivity.

2. Set limits for emails and tasks

Billionaires know how to manage their time and that’s why they set limits for everything – from emails to tasks and projects. For example, you can set your time limit on answering emails and doing tasks. Delegating this job is an excellent way to preserve your energy and productivity levels. The length of your emails matters as well. Keep your messages as short as you can.
When it comes to tasks, you can break each one into smaller parts. This will allow you to see what task is more critical and accomplish it faster. Eliminate tasks that require a lot of effort and time and bring little money – unless you’re short on cash.

3. Get enough sleep

Billionaires are also aware of the importance of sleep. In order to stay productive, you need to get quality sleep that usually occurs from 10 pm till 6 am. Quality sleep helps you to keep your energy levels high and avoid burnout. Some billionaires take short naps during the day. This way, they rewire the brain and relax the body.
Moreover, multiple studies show that ultra-successful and busy people who take a short 15-minute nap in the afternoon are much healthier than those who run all day long without a break. Napping is highly beneficial to sleep-deprived people too. Most successful people don’t get the recommended 7 to 8 hours of sleep and thus sleep deprivation occur. Sleep deprivation triggers many health issues that reduce your productivity level.

4. Hydrate the body

Apart from negatively affecting the body, dehydration lowers your productivity. Billionaires sip their water throughout the day. You can notice Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg drinking their water. Billionaires need tons of energy for the whole day. Drinking enough water and eating whole foods help them stay on track and make billions with little effort and a minimal impact on health. If you want to stay productive, sip at least 8 glasses of filtered water each day.

5. Avoid dreaming too much and setting the big goals

Overthinking and daydreaming drain your energy and reduce your productivity. Setting the big goals can lead to a great disappointment and a waste of effort and time. Billionaires tend to set the big goals, but they break it into smaller, more achievable goals.
Instead of dreaming of your future success, visualize it. Visualization boasts a mighty power and is the key to success. Close your eyes and visualize your success r goals. If you’ve just set a big goal, divide it into parts, and visualize how you earn billions, have tons of energy, and gain success.  Ensure you don’t just visualize, but take actions towards your goals.

6. Consider “deep” work and single-tasking

Did you know how Bill Gates launched a billion-dollar industry in a semester? In his 20s, he managed to plan the time weekly in order to do his most challenging work without any distractions. Concentration and productivity levels go hand in hand and might impact each other.
Besides an excellent focus, you need to embrace single-tasking. Doing one task at a time makes you more productive and helps you to complete your to-do list with little stress. Billionaires believe that single-tasking optimizes their performance and maintains a strong focus.
Mike Cannon-Brookes, an Australian billionaire, avoid multitasking as it’s considered to be effort and time-draining. He says that doing one task at a time bring more successful results than sweating over three tasks at the same time without completing any.

7. Don’t forget about discipline

Billionaires know how to discipline themselves. Each of us is prone to procrastination and laziness, which both reduce productivity. There are many people who have the abilities, knowledge, and opportunities, but they don’t have the self-discipline. Plan your day and make yourself stick to your plan. Start your day with checking your to-do list and seeing what you should do first. Billionaires plan their days in details and have no excuses to complete that list.

8. Never stop learning

Education is vital, as knowledge is power. Depending on what type of business you’re running, find at least 5 minutes per day and devote learn about the latest financial news, business concepts, concepts, and trends. Self-made millionaires and billionaires have been learning for years in order to reach success and keep it off.


8 Easy Productivity Tips from Billionaires Final Thoughts

Whether you’re trying to become a billionaire or you’re just looking for the ways to improve your performance at work, the productivity tips from billionaires mentioned above truly work. If you turn them into habits, you’re sure to reach success as an entrepreneur.

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