About Us

I started Boss Personal Planner to give people the most effective personal planners. Whether it's for your personal life, business, budgeting, teaching, or whatever you want, we want to give you the best tools.

I created the initial Boss Personal Planner without even knowing. I was at a low point and my business was struggling. I needed a way to be more productive and get done the things I needed to get done.

I just used a legal pad and manually created all of these different templates and I used them every day. I made tweaks as I went to make them work better but with them, I was able to grow my business over 20x in 8 months and pay off all of my debt.

It was a game changer for me and if it wasn't for the "planner templates" I would have never turned things around the way I did.

Now I offer my planners to everyone. We've already had almost 80k people change their lives with them. It's my goal to continue to help people make drastic improvements to their lives.