dated vs undated planners

Dated vs Undated Planners

If you’ve shopped for any kind of planner before you’ve noticed that there are typically 2 options, dated and undated. It’s pretty self explanatory about what they are, dated has dates for a particular range and undated has blank calendar elements that you have to write the dates in yourself.

 undated personal planner

Pros and cons of each

Let’s dive into the pros and cons of each kind of planner. There is no right answer as to which one is best, it’s about what one suites your needs the best.

Pros of a dated planner

  • Quicker setup - no need to write in any days
  • You can get good deals on planners that are running out of time
  • [Digital Planner specific] Dated planners have better navigation with links directly to specific days

Cons of a dated planner

  • Once the dates expire, the planner becomes useless
  • You have to buy new ones more frequently

 undated digital planner

Now, lets take a look at the undated planners.

Pros of an undated planner

  • More flexibility (you can buy it whenever and use it whenever)
  • If you stop using it for a while, you can pick up without worrying about being out of the planner range
  • Typically less expensive

Cons of an undated planner

  • You have to write all the dates in yourself
  • [Digital Planner specific] Less options for built in navigation, no links directly to a specific day page

dated planner digital weekly planner

Which one is right for me?

Everyone is different and ultimately it comes down to personal preference. Some people love a dated planner, they don’t mind buying new ones when theirs expire and it’s easier to have the dates already set up.

Others on the other hand want the flexibility of an undated planner. If you’re someone who might bounce around from different planner to different planner and you don’t want to worry about the planner becoming useless, the undated option is better for you.

Also, if you’re someone who does really good with using the planner for a few weeks or months and then stops for a period of time, undated would also fit you better. You don’t have to worry about wasting any missed days, just pick up on the next empty dated page.

Lifetime dated planners

With our Digital Planners, we actually offer a solution for people who like dated planners but don’t want to repurchase them every year, we have a Lifetime option.

What this does is give you Lifetime access to the newest dated option each year. As soon as we release the new year’s planner, you’ll get it sent to your inbox without having to pay again.

undated planner

Undated paper planner

Our paper planners are only available in undated options since it offers more flexibility for us and our customers. They are available in both 3 and 6 month options.

Our Ultimate Paper Planner lets you plan out for 6 months. We also included extra pages such as calendar, weekly, and daily planning pages because sometimes you miss and this gives you additional time to use the planner.

Our Compact Paper Planner is a smaller option that allows 3 months of planning. Again, like the Ultimate Planner, we do offer some additional pages of each template encase you need the extra space.

If you’d like to purchase a paper planner, we still have some available but are liquidating what we have to focus on our digital line of products.

Undated Printable Planners

We also created all of our digital planners in printable formats. The printable format allows less wasted space when printing and room for hole punches so you can put them in a binder.

All of our printable planners are undated. The reason for this is because we offer free printable calendars that are dated and many people don’t want to print all the pages so having undated pages gives customers more flexibility with less waste.

 customizable digital planner dated or undated

Final thoughts

I hope this is enough information to help you decide on a dated or undated planner.

There is no right answer for which planner is better, it comes down to how you use it. If you’re still unsure, I’d recommend trying and undated planner first, and then you can get a dated planner later.

As I mentioned before, we have a ton of digital undated and dated planners to choose from. If you want a paper or printable planner, we have both available in undated options.

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