How to Plan a Kick Ass Year

How to Plan a Kick Ass Year

The way you plan and structure your days, weeks, months, and years plays a crucial role in how successful you are or will be in the future. You don’t need to create perfectly planned goals for the year or a certain month. Nothing is perfect, but having a plan is half tasks done. Your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly to-do lists will give you directions and remind you of the important things to accomplish first. Here’s how you can plan your year, month, week, and day.

How to Plan Your Year

Are you wondering how successful people get so many things done in a year and you feel like you’ve never had enough time? A year by year, you dream of reaching success, buying a house, or quitting your toxic job and launch your own startup. At the end of each year, you start thinking that you’ll be able to reach all those goals the next year. Chances are, you’ll never reach them.

Before you start planning out your year, invest in a full-year wall calendar, which is going to serve you as a reminder of your goals. Place the cornerstones, marking the most important weekend trips, vacations, conferences, business trips, projects, etc. If you already know the deadlines of certain projects, mark them as well.

Then, think about the three most important goals for this year. Grab your planner and write them down. Each goal should include little steps that will help you reach that goal. Pay attention to the details and make sure you write them down so that you don’t forget them in a few months.

Add in some time for education. Check out certain courses online or which classes you’d like to take this year, and see when it’s better to take them. Why is it so important to add education when you plan your education? The problem is, we never have time for education. We think all those college years are far away and we can relax and forget about training, courses, and classes. In reality, education is a must. It helps you grow, develop, and achieve your goals. Remember that you can always find free courses and classes, so money shouldn’t be an excuse here.

When you see a full year calendar and all 12 months in front of you, it’s easy to make things clear and see how your deadlines, projects, and goals fit around business travel, vacations, and other important events.

How to Plan Your Month

In order to plan your month, you’ll need 3 simple tools, such as a wall calendar, shared calendar app, and a handwritten planner. Before each month starts, set aside 2 to 3 hours to plan for the upcoming month ahead. Take your planner and write down all your plans, activities, events, projects, trips, and errands you’d like or have to accomplish this month. Ensure you start your list with the most important tasks, events, projects, etc., leaving a bit space for baby steps or instructions that will help you to do that task easily.

Now take your wall calendar and mark all your activities on it. If you already have a few marks that you placed when planning your year, leave them as they are – unless you don’t need to do them. Enter your most critical and urgent activities of this month in your online planner or calendar app. Schedule day offs, family time, and friend meeting, too.

How to Plan Your Week

Productive people always know how 95% of their week will look like and what they should do on a particular day. The way you structure and plan your week has a significant impact on how fast your success will thrive. Start with setting 3 biggest goals of the week. When you start your week with a bit messy to-do list without priorities, be sure this week will be unsuccessful and unproductive.

Ask yourself, “What are my biggest 3 goals right now?” This question will help you figure out what you really want in life and determine your tasks, plans, and activities for the upcoming week. Once you figure out your goals, find out which projects, habits, and activities have a huge impact on your 3 goals.

Schedule all those tasks and activities into your calendar. If you’re using an app or any other online calendar, sync your information across all devices you have. Google Calendar is probably the most powerful tool here.

You should also have a weekly planning checklist. Consider your parents, career, relationship, health, fun, and other important people and things you have to accomplish the next week. Start planning as earlier as possible to give yourself a wonderful opportunity to relax between reaching them.

How to Plan Your Day

Planning a day is always easier than planning a year or even a week because we have no idea what will happen to us today. Take your planner and write down your tasks, errands, goals, or any other things you need. Highlight the most important and urgent tasks and leave less urgent and less important tasks in the planner or calendar.

Leave enough space for unplanned events or tasks and be ready to tackle those tasks one by one. The general rule is multitasking is the biggest way to distraction. Single-tasking involves doing one or two things at the same time. You can mark certain days as day offs and allow yourself to relax.

Moreover, plan cooking time, cleaning, family time, and me time before sleep. Stress is everywhere and it’s usually triggered by a variety of factors. When your daily plan allows you to manage your life, you tend to be more productive and get more things done.


How to Plan A Kick Ass Year Final Thoughts

Planning is one of the most effective ways to become richer without having too much money. Without a proper plan, it will be extremely hard to show people how you live, what you do, and how you manage to accomplish almost all goals. Planning takes time and challenges your brain, but don’t give up.

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