The Best Planner, Now For iPads

The Best Planner, Now For iPads

Digital Planner for iPad on Goodnotes & Notability

I’m excited to announce the BOSS Personal Planner digital version for Goodnotes and Notability. Everyone was asking for a digital planner version so I made it.

This project has been a long time in the making. It first started out as a personal tool I made for myself just to help me plan and structure my business goals. After a few years and much success with the planner, I decided to offer it to others.

The goal of the planner was simple. Create effective goals and an easy plan to achieve them.

When I first started using the planner I could quickly see the benefit of creating a good set of goals and a plan to complete them. With a bit of tweaking, I created a tool that required minimal time but delivers huge results. If it didn’t work for me, I wouldn’t be offering it to you.

The power of the BOSS Personal Planner comes from the system where each part helps the next. You plan from the big picture down to the small daily goals and tasks. This allows you to actually make progress and not just complete useless goals and tasks.

Another powerful method the BOSS Personal Planner uses is setting 3 goals at a time. out the new digital planner we’re talking about

The power of 3’s… Setting 3 goals at a time.

A very simple and effective way to set goals is in 3’s. Each year you have 3 goals. Each month you have 3 goals. Each week. Each day… 3 goals.

It’s a number that’s achievable but lets you make substantial progress. I want you to keep something in mind, it applies to almost everything in life… slow and steady wins the race.

If you’re working out or trying to get in shape, you have to make a consistent effort every day for a while to see results. You can’t go to the gym for 5 hours, work out really hard, and expect to see results. It doesn’t work that way.

You don’t cram all night to build a business and make a million dollars on the first day. You have to work hard every single day for months or years before you see huge results.

But the good news is, no matter what it is in life, if you keep focused and make progress every single day, you’ll accomplish all your goals, no matter how big they are.

Just to give you a quick overview, here are the sections included in the planner.

Plan For Success

An often overlooked step in planning. You really need to figure out the big picture before you start planning your goals. Without it it’s like going on a road trip without a final destination, you just pull out of your driveway and start taking turns. Sure, you’ll end up somewhere but who knows where? Maybe you go down a dead end.

Some quick brief planning here will give you an idea of what you want to accomplish in the long run. Once you have a broad idea here, when you start planning the shorter time periods you’ll know exactly what you need to accomplish to get to the big goals.

Reading List

This may seem unrelated to goal planning but if actually can fit right in. Self-education is a necessity in life if you want to grow and be successful. Planning and reading books that will educate you and give you valuable information towards you’re goals will pay off huge in the long run. Don’t skip your reading.

Habit Tracker

We all have bad habits, it’s life. Or, we see good habits we want to integrate into our lives. If your goal is a success and being more productive, there are plenty of habits to help you get there. Or habits holding you back such as procrastination. Either way, this is the section to track your habits, good and bad.

Eisenhower Matrix

The Eisenhower Matrix is an interesting productivity tool and not used by many people. I think once you try it you will see the great benefits it offers. Especially early on what you have the big picture figured out and 15 things you need to plan to complete.

I have another post that goes into more detail about the Eisenhower Matrix so I won’t take up much space here. The basic idea here is you figure out which tasks have the greatest urgency and importance. Once you know that, you can prioritize, delegate, or trash them completely.

Priority Planner

This flows nicely with the Eisenhower Matrix. Once you figure out the tasks that need to be completed, you can prioritize them with greater detail here and figure out who is completing them and when they are due. Now it’ll be easy to look back and figure out what is being worked on or still needs to be completed.

Monthly Calendar

A very simple and important feature to include. While you may have a calendar on your phone or computer, sometimes you can’t beat a calendar like this. It is a 5 week, undated calendar. It allows you to plan any major day events you have. It makes it nice and easy to get an overview of your monthly schedule.

Monthly Planning

Now you can take the monthly planning and add a little bit of detail to it. First, you can reflect on last month. Too much reflection can be overkill but it’s good to take a look back and see how you won and what you can improve on. You’re always moving forward but learning from your experiences.

Then, set your 3 goals. That’s all you need. Each step is giving you a little more detail and that is what is important. When you figure out 3 goals that put you closer to your year goals, or 3 years, or lifetime goals, you’ll continue to move forward and make progress. Slow and steady wins the race.

Lastly, there is a section for notes. There are always odds and ends you’ll have to keep track of so this is a nice place to do it.

Weekly Breakdown

So in the last step, we planned the month out with 3 main goals, now you can figure out what you’ll need to do over the next 4 weeks to accomplish those goals. I’m sure you are starting to see a pattern here. You’re constantly planning the next steps and keeping ahead.

The important thing is you don’t want to get 3 months or a year down the road and find out you’re way behind schedule. So plan a step ahead creating 3 goals at a time, it’s that easy.

With the weekly breakdown, you may even want to plan ahead a little further and you can reference back when you plan the following month. Or, stick to 4 weeks at a time and then revisit this section each month.

Weekly Planning

There is an additional layer for weekly planning. This one is similar to the monthly planning details. Again, you want to reflect a bit on last weeks wins and evaluate what you accomplished and how you can improve this week.

You also have room for your 3 goals this week. This will be pretty easy given you just plotted out each week on the weekly breakdown section.

The monthly planning section had notes next but the weekly section breaks the week down into each day instead. So once again you can take the 3 big goals for the week and figure out what needs to be done each day to accomplish those goals. It makes everything very easy.

Lastly, you have a section for notes along with a reminders section. You can put any appointments or important events here as a reminder.

Daily Planning

Here we are at the last planning section and the meat of the planner. Everything we have done so far has built up to the daily planning section. This section may have some parts you recognize. You have a small area to set a daily habit to work on plus add a motivational affirmation.

Next, you set your goals for the day. Like the other sections, you’ll be setting 3 main goals for the day. These are your “must complete” goals. You also have space for 3 extra goals. At this point, you’ve broken your big goals up as much as you’re going to so you might complete tasks and still have time left in the day. Don’t waste it, keep working. It’s better to accomplish goals faster, just use that and adjust your goals in the future to have shorter deadlines.

You also have a scheduler. This is broken up into half-hour slots starting at 4am and ending at 12:30 am so its lots of room to plan your day. At this point, you’ve planned everything out to the smallest details. Literally, all you have to do is follow your plan and crush your goals. You’ve made an easy to follow roadmap now.

The daily planning section still has more to it though. You also have a huge note section on the following page. I think it is important to have a note section tied directly to your daily planning area. You can stay more organized with this and reference notes to goals.

To finish off the daily planning section you have some end-of-the-day reflection. Like the other reflection areas, you can go over your wins from the day and plan on how you can improve tomorrow.

Notes Section

The last feature included with the BOSS Personal Planner digital version is a big note section. Here you can keep your general notes and anything that doesn’t fit in the other section. I’ve included 4 different page designs including dotted, lined, grid, and blank pages. You have an endless amount of space so you can take notes as much as you want. You can always delete them later if you don’t need them.

Digital Planner for iPad Final Thoughts

That everything. As you’ll see the planner is very simple and straight-forward. That’s the point.

Right now we’re running a great sale to celebrate the launch of the BOSS Personal Planner digital planner. Take a look, I know you are going to love it.

Goal setting and planning is very important if you want to be successful but that doesn’t mean you have to overcomplicate it.

Plan from the 10,000 foot all the way down. Once you know the big picture, you can easily figure out the smaller goals and tasks.

Plan in 3’s. 3 main goals for each section. Each set of goals works from the previous section. When you get to the end, the daily planning, you have an extremely easy to follow roadmap to help you accomplish your goals quickly and efficiently.

You’ll wake up every day with a clear roadmap of what you need to work on and accomplish. It’ll make your life so much less stressful.

After years of work and many modifications, the BOSS Personal Planner is ready! It is a tool that will help you be more successful and start accomplishing more.

P.S. If you are looking for the physical copy of the BOSS Personal Planner, we have great presale discounts you can get on Indiegogo. We’re expecting the first shipment to arrive around October 10th and they will be shipping to customers within a few days of arrival. IMPORTANT: The discounts offered are huge early-bird discounts and will not be offered again. Make sure you get yours before it is too late! Get your BOSS Personal Planner today.BOSS Personal Planner digital plannner for ipad on goodnotes and notability

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