Tony Robbins Secrets for Goal Setting

Tony Robbins Secrets for Goal Setting

It’s not hard to set goals. It’s hard to set goals that you’ll actually achieve. Oftentimes, we set too many goals and fail to reach any of them. Why? Goal setting is the art that you need to master if you’re looking to thrive in the business world or live overall.

Tony Robbins, a popular business strategist who runs more than 50 businesses, has his own secrets for goal setting that have helped him to become who he is today. If you’re trying to set goals, read the following Tony Robbins secrets first:

1. Identify what you truly want instead of what you don’t want

Most of the times, people concentrate on what they don’t want to do or to be when setting their goals. It’s a big mistake to set goals like, “I don’t want to have debts,” “I don’t want to be so fat,” “I don’t want to be poor,” or “I don’t want to feel unhealthy.”

While these seem to be great goals, they make you focus on the negative thing about your life or your body. These goals remind you of your problems, triggering anxious thoughts and draining your energy. When it comes to effectively setting goals, Tony Robbins emphasizes simplicity. Your attitude to the goal begins in your mind.

Consider reframing your mindset and setting more positive goals. For instance, “I want to make $5,000 per week (to start with)” or “I want to be slim and trim and feel healthy.” These goals won’t allow your fears to guide you and stress you out. By making more money, you’ll definitely pay down your debt without fearing to fail.

2. Avoid setting too lofty goals

How many times did you set goals and give up on them? Perhaps, one of the reasons why you failed to achieve your goals is because they were too high. There’s nothing impossible in this world, yet you should make sure you set a goal that you’ll be able to reach.

If you have too many goals, prioritize the most important ones and ensure you set goals that you’d be able to reach within a year. If your goal is difficult to reach, there’s a higher risk of giving up on it. In case you’re planning to achieve the goal within several years, mention what you want to reach this year and other coming years.

If you need to achieve a particular goal this year, though you believe it may take a few years before you manage to attain it, figure out the way that will help you make that goal more achievable. It’s important that you estimate your effort and time here.

3. The pursuit of the goal is critically important

The pursuit of the goal is as important as the goal itself. If your goal is to settle your debts or earn your first million, avoid focusing on numbers. While you still should monitor your debt payments or your weekly/monthly income, don’t turn your full attention to those numbers. You need to keep in mind the reason for achieving that goal. What’s your pursuit of it? How will it help you improve your life and promote self-growth?

When we achieve a certain goal, the whole process somehow changes us or our lives. When it comes to reaching a goal, the major purpose isn’t to simply achieve it. The major purpose is to grow as a person and change your life for the better. If your goal helps you grow, you’ll definitely succeed.

4. Don’t dwell on your failures

Just because you set an achievable goal and pursue a strategy to attain it doesn’t mean that you’ll succeed. We’re all human beings who are prone to mistakes. If you fail to achieve a goal, don’t worry about it. Learn your lesson and come up with another strategy that could help you succeed. Each failure is part of growth so be grateful for it.

Tony Robbins believes that personal growth is a lot more important than a number of the goals we reach. That’s because progress is what keeps us alive. It’s what drives you and makes us wake up with the purpose each morning.

5. Don’t stop setting goals

Even if you fail to achieve 100 goals, don’t stop setting new ones. If you succeeded to achieve 100 goals but you’re not happy with where you are in life, it’s a sign to set more powerful goals. Maybe one more achieved goal will finally help you reach success with fulfillment.

Let’s say, you set a goal of earning your million and you achieved it. You’re excited, satisfied, and proud of yourself, but then what? Without setting new goals and pursuing them, you risk getting disappointed and lost. Most importantly, you can spend that million and end up being broke again. In order to invest that million into your prosperous future, you need to set new and new goals.

As soon as you achieve one goal, you should have another one to keep your energy and enthusiasm high. Otherwise, your life might start looking and feeling meaningless. A goal is something that you would look forward to on days when you don’t feel motivated. Tony Robbins says that we all need a goal that will keep us alive.


At annual conferences and seminars, Tony Robbins shares plenty of useful goal setting tricks. The goals you set can either drastically improve or ruin your life, which is why it’s critical to learn the art of goal setting. It’s not enough to say, “I want to earn millions or travel around the world.” You should know exactly how you’re going to achieving that goal.

Tony Robbins claims, “Goal setting is the secret to a compelling future.” Follow his secrets mentioned above the next time you set your life or business goals. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you fail, though. Remember, even the worst experience is still experience. It helps you grow and become a better version of yourself.

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