Your Best Guide to Becoming Successful (Factors That Lead to a Failure)

Your Best Guide to Becoming Successful (Factors That Lead to a Failure)

When you hear the word “successful,” what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it a rich person who owns a company and has multiple cars? Or, is it someone who always gets promotions in the office? In fact, even a jobless person can be successful in life.

Success starts in your head. When you have a mindset of control and actions and take full responsibility for your ups and downs, you’re more likely to succeed in life. Unsuccessful people refuse to take that responsibility and they blame others for every failure in their lives.

Read on to find out more differences between unsuccessful and successful people and how you can succeed in life.

1. Stop playing a blame game

Unsuccessful people love this game and they seem to play it all day long. By blaming others for stealing their time, promotion, or love, they have no time and energy for achieving their goals. Instead of cultivating a positive mindset, they feed it with negative thoughts, resentment, and jealousy.

If you strive to be successful, you should be responsible for your actions and any consequences that might come out of them. If you fail to get a promotion, it doesn’t mean that your coworker is to blame. It means you need to work on your skills and become more advanced in a certain field.

2. Let go of resentment

There’s no point in wasting your time on harboring resentment. Successful people master the art of forgiveness and they easily let go of grudges. Rather than focusing on negative people, they spend their energy on reaching their goals. Unsuccessful people love drama and they often feel deep resentment – even when they shouldn’t.

3. Cultivate a positive attitude towards others

Each day you meet and communicate with different people. Every person shows different emotions and this is where you should learn to accept this fact. Unsuccessful people tend to criticize others as they’re not satisfied with their own lives. At the same time, successful people accept others for who they are and try to find positive traits even in the most negative personalities.

Oftentimes, we criticize others because we strive to hide our own negative traits or failures. Instead of creating a step by step plan for achieving goals, we challenge our brains by looking for the worst traits in others. Quit this habit and see how many goals you’ll reach then.

4. Realize that you can’t avoid change

Leaving your comfort zone and embracing change are two important steps you should take in order to become successful. When nothing changes in your life and you’re constantly feeling stuck, there’s no room for success. Wealthy and successful people aren’t afraid of change and even the worst experience is still an experience for them. They learn, experiment, and embrace failure. It’s part of their success journey.

5. Organize your thoughts and set realistic goals

Just because you have 50 plus creative ideas in your mind doesn’t mean you will become successful. It’s critical to organize your thoughts and ideas and set priorities. Setting the right goal is key to success. Successful people filter their thoughts and ideas and create a plan for achieving a certain goal.

Unsuccessful people have a million ideas but they don’t know what to do with them. They don’t set any goals as they don’t usually organize their days. Gossiping, criticizing others, and low self-esteem steal most of their time.

6. Share your knowledge

If you can be a mentor, be the one. Successful people don’t fear to share their knowledge and help others to reach success. This is thanks to an abundance mindset they boast. If you have a fearful mindset and keep everything you know to yourself, that’s probably because you don’t want anyone to become better than you are.

Jealousy is a negative factor that might prevent you from reaching your goals. If you secretly want others to fail, it doesn’t mean that it will make you successful. On the contrary, it will make you unsuccessful. Successful people are genuinely happy for other people’s success and they’re particularly happy if they contribute to that success.

7. Cultivate personal growth

Whether physically, morally, or intellectually, successful people know exactly who they strive to be and how they can create a successful life. Those who commit to personal growth are usually happier and more confident.

Come up with personal growth tactics and see how you can improve yourself. Personal growth might increase happiness, better career prospects, and improve relationships. You might need a journal to keep track of your purchases.

8. Develop consistent habits

There are bad and good habits, which might either negatively or positively impact a person. Developing more consistent good habits will help you take almost a final step closer to achieving your goal. Unsuccessful people have no habits because they’re sure that they can reach any goal themselves.

9. Quit watching TV

While a successful person reads the next self-help or motivational book on entrepreneurship, an unsuccessful one enjoys watching the latest episode of their favorite show. Even though there’s nothing wrong with it, spending hours in front of the TV day by day will eventually lead to failure and depression. If you want to be successful read books whenever you have time.

10. Practice gratitude

Successful people are grateful for everything they have and don’t have in life. They know that if they don’t do something they won’t reach anything. They don’t ask God for giving them more money and they don’t complain about all the failures and bad situations they face. Be it negative or positive, any lesson is precious as it teaches us a lot of useful things.

11. Learn to delegate your tasks

Successful people have long to-do lists and they know they’re unable to cope with it all alone. They delegate some tasks to others so that they have enough time for thinking about their goals, actions, as well as for taking care of themselves. Unsuccessful people are trying to do everything alone as they don’t trust anyone.


If you want to be successful, make sure you set realistic goals and work towards them daily. When it comes to success, self-improvement is critically important. The next time you criticize someone, start with yourself and see what you can do to become one step closer to your ultimate success.

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