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Customizable Planner

PDF Planner (app not included)


Instant Download (app not included, PDF planner only)

Bundle & Save

Build a custom bundle to fit your of planners and accessories and save up to 40%

Our customizable planner is great for anyone who wants to build their own personalized planner. You get nearly 100 elements to customize your planner plus you can get additional bundles to meet your exact needs. 

Using a tablet, stylus, and annotation app you can plan digitally like pen and paper. 

*With digital planners and products, all sales are final once the product is downloaded. If you have not downloaded the planner or product, you can request a cancellation or refund. Refund Policy

  1. Download sample or planner from the download link we send
  2. Open the planner in a 3rd party annotation app (app not included). Apps we recommend are Goodnotes (Paid - iOS), Zoomnotes (Free/Paid - iOS), Xodo (Free - Android/iOS), Noteshelf (Paid - Android), or other annotation apps. (Some apps have limited features)
  3. Add and adjust insert elements that way you want. You can move, rotate, resize everything to your exact specifications. When you complete a template page, duplicate the page as much as you need.
  4. Start planning. Write on the planner using a stylus like it is pen and paper.

Our digital planners are PDF planners with navigation links. Intended to be used with tablets with a stylus and an annotation app. You can then write on them just like pen and paper but enjoy the benefits of being digital on a tablet. 

For video tutorials, visit our Youtube channel.

This is not an app by itself. It is intended to be used with other apps. Some paid and free apps are listed below:

  • GoodNotes
  • Notability
  • Notes Writer
  • Noteshelf
  • Zoomnotes
  • Xodo
  • Other annotation apps (could experience lack of features such as links not working. That is why we recommend the apps we do)

Customizable Planner - Unlimited Possibilities

Create a planner with exactly what you need

No wasted sections because it doesn't fit what you like

Position the sections where you want to help you stay organized

As your needs change, change your planner

Drag and drop with apps like GoodNotes


Dark and light options

Plain and grid paper style

Over 91 modular pieces to customize your planner

10 blank sections with tabs

4 subsections for each tab section

12 month tabs for easy navigation

Still offer navigation links between sections

Download Planner

Once you purchase, download the planner directly to your tablet or transfer from your computer to your tablet.

3rd Party Annotation Apps

Open it with 3rd party annotation apps such as Goodnotes, Zoomnotes, Xodo, etc. *This is not a standalone app and the app is not included.

Customize Your Planner

You can add inserts and arrange them however you want.

Start Planning

Once the pages are setup the way you want, you can start planning. If you feel like changing it up, you can easily change the layout.