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Digital Budget Planner

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The Digital Budget Planner by BOSS Personal Planner is the perfect tool to overhaul your finances. Even people who think they are good with money will make mistakes and go off course, a simple tool to help is good for everyone

Our digital planners are PDF planners with navigation links. Intended to be used with tablets with a stylus and an annotation app. You can then write on them just like pen and paper but enjoy the benefits of being digital on a tablet.

This is not an app by itself. It is intended to be used with other apps. Some paid and free apps are listed below:

  • GoodNotes
  • Notability
  • Notes Writer
  • Noteshelf
  • Xodo
  • Other annotation apps (could experience lack of features such as links not working. That is why we recommend the apps we do)

Take control of your financial life, right from your home

Stop living paycheck-to-paycheck, get out of debt, and save more money.

Track Cashflow

See where money is coming from and going to maximize your budget

Monitor Debt

See your progress as you knock down debt

Better Than Automated Apps

You forget about automatic apps, this you won't

Reward Yourself

Enjoy the perks of healthy finances and reward yourself for hitting your goals