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How to start a digital bullet journal in 2024?

Interested in digital bullet journaling? With so many turning to digital planners now, it's an amazing tool for planning, drawing, or notetaking.

This electronic bullet journal brings digital journals to another level. This book was carefully designed to help you maximize your bullet journaling with several pages ready to begin planning and tracking.

Undated planner for GoodNotes, Noteability, and a range of PDF markup apps.

It's a great digital diary for anyone who is interested in completing a document in an easy way. It allows you to produce aesthetic spreads easily. They are also able to erase errors easily, unlike a printed journal.

Tell me the purpose of a bullet journal?

Have you heard of bullet journaling? Most people think of the physical planner when they think about it.

With a traditional physical bullet journal, you have a blank notebook with what are typically dotted pages. With no predetermined templates, you have the freedom to create whatever you want or need.

  • Daily to do lists

  • Create a monthly spread or weekly spread

  • Write down notes

  • Track habits

  • Set goals

  • Schedule your day

  • Task management

  • Draw pictures or diagrams

  • Use it as a diary

There are an unlimited number of things that you can do with your bullet journal, whether it is a physical bullet journal or digital journal.

While most bullet journals are minimalistic, some turn the bujo, short for bullet journal, into an amalgam of planner journals and artistic projects. It is a bit unintuitive at first for the doodle to be introduced to the Internet.

What is a digital planner?

Digital planners are a planning tool that are growing in popularity over the last few years.

Think pen and paper planner but on your iPad or tablet. Using a digital planner lets you still write like it's a physical planner using your own hand writing but you have amazing tools and features at your disposal.

Using a PDF markup app such as the GoodNotes app lets you literally just write on the planner. You can change your pen of writing tool, move text, highlight, delete things without leaving marks, duplicate things, plus so much more.

Learn more about digital planners, GoodNotes, and all the great features of digital planning.

Why do you need a digital bullet journal?

Do you feel like tracking your time with an electronic calendar? What's the best tool? Creating an digital bullet journal is easy. It looks great and is very easy to use.

There is no way you can look at the web for the perfect digital bujo and you won't find anything like this. This digital notebook is very cute and easily accessible.

Is there anyone that enjoys creating art or simply wants complete control of spreads? This is a useful tool for tracking everything you have going on.

It's a great way for people to organize their own lives in their own time.

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What you can use a digital bullet journal for?

Keep organized with your daily bullet journal. You can use digital journals in any situation. You can also plan a daily schedule using calendar integrations to track habits and moods, workouts and meals, or create a journal.

Some people want to record the events happening on a daily basis in an organized manner, both now and later. Besides your birthdays, your trip and your vacations, your conferences and activities are included.

How to use a digital bullet journal?

The digital bullet journal is compatible with tablets, styluses & bullet journaling apps like Goodnotes Notability or similar. Once saved on a tablet you can easily insert this into your Goodnotes app or in a notebook and you can begin note taking.

The instant feel is that the notebook is written on paper. Usually people keep their own daily journal in order to keep track of their progress in a calendar that contains all important information about their tasks and tracking everything.

It acts as a brain dump for all of your thoughts.

One of the greatest benefits of bullet journaling is it can be a complete brain dump process.

We often have hundreds of things going through our minds and it can be hard to remember everything. What is great is you can set up your bullet journal in a way that it's easy to just throw things down.

Whether it's note taking, due dates, a life task, events reminder, or literally anything, you can have create templates to fit your life.

Then, just create entries with whatever note you need. It's super easy and fast.

sketch drawing example

Personal diary

One of the most popular uses of a bullet journal, either digital or phsyical is a diary notebook.

A good diary allows you to have the freedom to be creative and write whatever is on your mind. The blank pages or page templates that you create allow you to express yourself whatever is best.

You can easily create daily entries to express yourself and keep track of your thoughts. Having a digital bullet journal for your diary is a great way to improve your life and build a stronger future.

See what's included in this digital bullet journal

This downloadable digital bullet journal was designed for PDF annotation applications and is incredibly easy for beginners to use.

The file you get and will use is a PDF file. You can open it with any PDF annotation app such as GoodNotes.

And since this page is a blank dots grid and just like a normal bullet journal, you can use them for digital planning, making them your own!

Is Goodnotes good for digital bullet journaling?

Goodnotes is ideal for bullet journals because the it has a wide variety of features that make it ideal for digital planning. When combining Goodnotes and a digital bullet journal you have a lot of freedom to plan and create journal entries.

Get a digital bullet journal app

Find Goodnotes in your App Store. GoodNotes is a free to download app with a one-time paid upgrade to unlock the full app. The free version allows you to create up to 3 digital notebooks while the premium version offers unlimited.

Click Download and the application is automatically downloaded. Once it is download you can open it and get started.

With our digital bullet journal, all you have to do is open it through GoodNotes or find the bullet journal in your Finder app and "Open in GoodNotes"

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Try a free digital bullet journal

We have some good news, if you would like to try a free digital bullet journal, we have a sample available of ours.

Our digital bullet journal goes a bit further than the typical physical bullet journal. Luckily, since it is digital, it's easy to build something more robust.

In addition to the standard dot grid paper, we include a ton of page templates so you don't have to spend time creating them all. If there is a certain template you want to try, we probably have it already made.

Fill in your email below and we'll send you a free digital bullet journal sample. 

Ready to get your digital bullet journals?

You're going to love digital journaling with your new digital bullet journal. It's such an effective and enjoyable planning tool.

Once you start, you'll wish you started bullet journaling even sooner. The amount of creativity you have it amazing.

As we mentioned before, we offer a chance to get a free digital bullet journal sample but if you're interested in the full notebook, we have it available in our store.

Our digital bullet journal goes futher that a standard bullet journal. We've created and included around 60 different page templates to make your life even easier. Whether it's for personal use or professional, you'll get so much enjoyment from bullet journaling.

We offer multiple variation of our digital bullet journal here.

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