GoodNotes Planner 101: Everything you need to know to use a GoodNotes template

Why GoodNotes is the best for planner templates

When it comes to digital planning, GoodNotes is the best way to go. It's a powerful app that allows you to use our digital planners to the greatest ability.

The app is available for iPad's and they recently made it free to get started with paying as an option to open it further with more features.

GoodNotes templates allows you to go paperless and still enjoy the pen and paper style but enjoy the flexibility of being digital.

So let's jump into the amazing world for digital planners and GoodNotes templates!

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Getting Start With Digital Planning

You only need a few things to get started. 

  1. Tablet. iPad's, including the iPad Pro, Air, or regular model, are most popular in the digital planning world but you can also use an Android device.
  2. PDF markup / Annotation app. There are a number of options here and it depends on what device are you using. For iPad users, we suggest the GoodNotes app as it is the most popular option. Xodo is a great option for Android users.
  3. Stylus such as the Apple Pencil. You can use other stylus' besides the Apple Pencil such as the Logitech Crayon.
  4. Digital Planner. We offer pre designed digital planners and GoodNotes templates for all kinds of facets of life.

Today, we are going to focus on digital planning on an iPad with the GoodNotes app.

How to use your GoodNotes planner

As we mentioned, GoodNotes, which is a note taking and PDF markup app, is one of the best apps to use your digital planner. It's loaded with features and easy to use. Getting started is easy.

  1. You need to import your digital planner into GoodNotes. To do this, open the digital planner file and click the "Share" menu and then select "Open in GoodNotes".
  2. The planner will open in GoodNotes and now you can begin planning!
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Common questions when using GoodNotes

Q: What exactly is GoodNotes?
A: GoodNotes is a note taking app and also a PDF markup tool. You use your stylus to write notes like your tablet is a piece of paper. It mixes the pen and paper style with the benefits of being digital.

Q: How many GoodNotes templates can I have?
A: That's the great thing, as many as you want! We offer a variety of different GoodNotes templates for you use. GoodNotes is now free and lets you have 3 notebooks and you can make a 1 time payment to unlock unlimited notebooks.

Q: How do I click on links?
A: In order to click on links in your GoodNotes template, you have to be in the "Read-Only Mode" which is located in the top right corner of the app. The icon looks like a pencil. You toggle this to go from Read Only where you can click links, to writing where you can work.

Q: How do I navigate to certain pages?
A: There are a couple of ways to navigate your digital planner. 1) You can use the navigation links mentioned in the above question. Your Boss Personal Planner is filled with hundreds of links to help you move around the planner. 2) You can bookmark pages you frequent often. The bookmark button is the ribbon icon in the top left corner, once clicked, it will be red to indicate the page is bookmarked. Then, you can click the navigation icon (4 squares in the top left) and go to the "Favorites" tab to view your bookmarked pages.

Q: Can you type in GoodNotes templates?
A: Yes! In your toolbar, there is a text icon that allows you to add text. You can type multiple ways as well. You can use the on-screen keyboard, you can use a wireless keyboard attached to your iPad, or you can write with the stylus and it will convert it to text.

Q: Can you duplicate pages? 
A: Yes! There are 2 ways to achieve this. 1) Click the ellipsis (...) icon in the top right corner and then select "Copy page", next, go to where you want the page, click the page icon with a + sign in it, select either "Before" or "After" and then "Paste Page". Method 2) Click the 4 square icon in the top left, find the page you want to duplicate, click the menu arrow next to the page (v), then duplicate. The page will duplicate and you can move it wherever you want in the planner. 

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Can I get a free GoodNotes template?

Actually, yes you can! We do offer a free mini planner that is a great way to get started with digital planning.

This is a small, pre designed GoodNotes template, that works just like any of our full GoodNotes templates but it's free and lets you give digital planning a try before you buy a full version. 

You might be new to digital planners and sometimes new tech can be confusing or difficult to get use to. This mini planner is a great way to get started and try a free GoodNotes planner.

Get your free mini planner here.

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What digital planner is best for me?

Great question, we can share some information with you to help you decide which one would be best for you.

First, you have to ask what you want it for? General day-to-day life? personal finances? fitness? business? school? etc.

Next, you can figure out which GoodNotes templates fits you best.

We offer several different day-to-day planners since these are the most popular.

Digital Personal Planner

The first, is our original Digital Personal Planner. This is a great planner to cover your general life planning.

You can set goals, manage projects and tasks, plan at the monthly, weekly, and daily level, there is room for notes, and more.

It truly offers a well rounded planning solution.

Digital Weekly Planner

The next planner caters to our weekly planner fans. This planners, the Weekly Planner main focus is planning using the weekly view.

You still have many of the same planning add ons to help with goals, projects, monthly planning, etc just without the daily pages. 

Digital Life Planner: 3-in-1 Combo

Our last general planner is our Life Planner - 3-in-1 Combo. This is one of our newest digital planners and it offers day-to-day, budget, and fitness planning.

This planner merges our weekly planner with elements of the budget and fitness planner. It's not the full budget and fitness planner but it gives you some of the broader planning aspects.

Next we move onto our specialty planners.

goodnotes templates digital planner template

Digital Business Planner

Run and business or have a side hustle? Our digital business planner lets you plan all the key aspects of your small business.

It's important to have a business plan but most business plans are overcomplicated. We keep it simple and allow you to make easy changes on the fly.

Digital Budget Planner

This is the perfect planner to manage all of your personal finances. In our digital budget planner we include all the aspects of personal finance that are important to you.

From managing debt and savings, to monthly budgets and more. You won't miss anything with this financial planner.

Digital Fitness Planner

Like the budget planner, our Digital Fitness Planner covers everything for your fitness journey. You can track workouts, meals, plan grocery shopping lists, track weight, water intake and more.

By keep track of everything health and fitness related, you'll increase your odds of success with your fitness goals. 

Digital Teacher Planner

For the teachers out there, out Digital Teacher Planner helps you keep track of your classes a little easier. From field trips, student grades, schedules, attendance, and more, you'll have all your classroom plans in one place.

A successful school year starts with a good plan, and this planner will help you achieve that.

Digital Student Planner

Whether it's college, high school, or another type of school, it can be stressful and chaotic. With one planner to track all of your school work, you'll be less stressed and more organized.

Our Digital Student Planner has sections to help track classes and grades, take notes, keep track of supplies, study, and more. It's the all-in-one school planner you need to have.

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Digital Gratitude Journal

Often overlooked, some self reflection and gratitude is a good thing. Our Digital Gratitude Journal lets you take that break to get your mindset right.

Digital 100 Day Planner

Sometimes, you need to try something different and this is what this planner is for. The 100 Day Planner is meant for short sprints, just 100 days at a time. By focusing on the next 100 days, you have incredible focus to make the changes you need.

Digital Notebook

Looking for something with less structure and more openness? Our Digital Notebook let you build your own custom digital notebook.

With nearly 60 page templates, you can build any notebook you want with any page style you like.

You can use it for note taking or create your own templates to use. Digital notebooks are great for getting freedom to write, draw, or plan anything.

Digital Custom Planner

The ultimate GoodNotes template if you want to make something customized for you. The Digital Custom Planner comes with nearly 100 elements with the planner plus you can purchase additional element bundles to make any planner you want.

You have an unlimited number of possibilities to build the exact planner you want, from day to day, budget, fitness, to note taking. If you decide you want something different after some time, you can easily make changes and adjustments.

The perfect GoodNotes template for those who want more from their digital planners.

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Digital Planner Demo

Final Thoughts on GoodNotes Planners

Digital planning with GoodNotes templates is extremely powerful. It will help you stay more organized, accomplish more, and reduce stress.

As you can see, we offer a number of planners that can help you with any aspect of your life. It's one of those great digital tools you wish you got sooner.

If you're looking to make a change in your life for the better, you'll be happy you got your GoodNotes templates today.