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This product is a scam

I bought a planner and I received a PDF file only. I want my money back

Don’t bother

Of course, the website eventually tells you that “digital“ is not referring to an app, but the way in which it is delivered. Read the fine print! It looks like it has navigation buttons, but they are non-functional. Basically, it’s a PDF you can scribble on. There’s no integration with calendar apps, and it gets progressively more difficult to navigate as the months go by [800 pages]. No refund.

Not user friendly

I ordered and received my planner. Till now I have not been able to download and open any part of the planner. I emailed the helpline a few days ago and have not received a response yet. Not happy about this because it was not cheap!

Still getting used to it

It's got a lot of potential, but I need more time to sit with it and "design" my future.

Almost Everything I Could Possibly Want

I truly love this item with one glaring exception that makes absolutely no sense to me. Seriously, this is a powerful tool that is helpful on multiple levels. The one glaring exception is that there are not enough of the month pages for the year. There are only 8 month pages in the beginning. I cannot for the life of me understand why there are not enough month pages for a whole year. I still have to buy a new one each year. But I'm not going to lie here. I have looked at other personal planners that have all 12 months in the system. Other than that, I would recommend this tool strongly.

Digital Teacher Planner

I really like it. It helps me organize my thoughts, projects, lesson plans, etc. Great product !!!

The solution I’ve been searching for

The purchase, download and use of the journals is very easy. I liked the first one so much I bought the whole product line. Journals and stickers.

Love the new Notebook

It reminds me of using a paper notebook with all the tabs being for various sub-topics.

Digital Bullet Journal
Fernando Peres
Nice .. but still not seamless...

Still NOT "clean" from a Digital Perspective

Amazing product!

Great experience, great product!

Fall Sticker Pack
Bob DeVito

It's so nice to be able to cut and paste different style stickers (i've purchased and downloaded them all.
I'm waiting for you to come out with another set of planner pages.


Really helpful. I can now organize myself

Loving the new Gratitude Journal

Love the sections for the “Wake Up Feeling”, the Affirmations, Challenges etc - plus a page to either reflect or extend the Gratitude thoughts. ;)

Très bien!

J’aime beaucoup!

Boss Planner Review

Excellent app for Enterprenuers. I will recommend it!


I have been able to use the planners I bought. They are easy to use, and I love the stickers.

Such a cleaner look than the previous version

I Love my Digital Planner! I plan out each week and it keeps me goal oriented. I am able to accomplish so much more with using this planner.

Useful and sturdy

Perfect just what I wanted and needed

Digital Fitness Planner
Michelle Owins

I haven't received them yet .

Love it!

I love having a planner where I can put all of my fitness activities. I do various programs like Beachbody, and I import the worksheets into the planner.

Digital Business Planner
Sandi Mackenzie
Great Product

I had been looking for a planner that I could add to my iPad for a while. I am glad I found this one. It was very easy to add to my Noteshelf app.

Great product

I love the boss planner. It’s made a significant Impact on my productiveness. I recommend it to all my friends

Nice planner

I am getting used to this planner. It is a big planner! I use it at home and have a smaller planner for my purse that I use when away. I found it is only for about 8 months use, not a full year. I have changed some headings and titles to fit my purpose There is a ton of space to write in. The extra pages I use for goals, lists and my notes. I really like using the Eisenhower Matrix and I wish there were 2 included. Overall, I am enjoying using this and it seems to be keeping me organized and goal oriented.

Digital Budget Planner
Karen Hatmaker
I bought 3. Budget planner, fitness planner and the blank calendar

This far I am loving them. It is my first time working with templates like this and it’s a learning curve for little but it’s overall helping me organize and get stuff done. Which is exactly what I needed. Thank you.