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Digital Personal Planner

Week Start
  • Unique & personalized PDF Planner & Habit Tracker
  • Compatible with the GoodNotes app or the Notability app
  • Not limited to iPads, can be used with multiple devices

*This is not an app by itself, it is intended to be used with 3rd party apps such as GoodNotes or Notability. Free options are also available.  

Beautiful Format, Clean Layout, Easy to Use

There are 2 types of Bosses - one calls themselves a Boss and the other one is a Boss. To be a Boss is to live your life in your own terms, to do the things that you love and to achieve the goals that you set. The only way to achieve all of this is with some Boss-level planning.

That’s exactly why we created the BOSS Personal Planner.

This unique digital planner is designed and developed to overcome all the flaws of other planners out there. We removed all the rigidity and robotic monotony out of the whole thing and created a clean, simple and action-oriented system that’ll get you started and keep you going.


What does it do?

The BOSS Personal Planner is exactly as the name suggests - a personal planner (minus all the boring stuff).

Featuring a cool hand-sketched interface, it keeps the whole experience of setting up goals, prioritizing what matters, end procrastination, building good habits and kicking bad habits. It presents you with multiple tools to track your progress on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, including

✅ Habit Tracker

✅ Decision-making Matrix

✅ Priority Planner

✅ Time manager

✅ Habit tracker

✅ Note sections, journal and much more

Whether you have plans to build a business, get your dream body, tick off your bucket list or live the life you’ve always wanted, the BOSS Personal Planner will let you create an actionable roadmap to achieving them all.

The best thing about it? You’re your own BOSS!

How do you use it?

The user interface is designed to be a personal experience, almost as if you doodled it yourself in a notebook. With all the tabs, planners and trackers available in one place, you’ll find personal planning a fun and easy activity that you’ll look forward to every day.

Works Best With:

⚫ Tablet and stylus

⚫ Goodnotes

⚫ Notability

⚫ NoteLedge

⚫ Xodo

⚫*Some apps will not support the premade tab links. Not supported by OneNote or Evernote.

We recommend using the planner with an iPad using either GoodNotes or Notability. It is not limited to iPads and can be used with other devices with some limitations.

Check out the free sample

NOTE: *This is a planner intended to be used with a tablet and stylus and an annotation app. This is not a standalone app, it is meant to be used with 3rd party annotation apps. Annotation app not included. There are no refunds once you download the planner. If you are unclear on anything, please visit FAQ pages to see common questions & answers before ordering.

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