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Digital Business Planner
Jacqueline Willis
Not worth it

I don’t understand why it doesn’t work for me.I followed directions and still it’s too hard

never received my product

Never received my product. No customer service response. Reached out on FB, Instagram, and email... No response or product yet .

All Printable Planners
Jennifer Sadler
Printable Planners

Love these!!! Would recommend to everyone that wants to customize a planner for themselves.

Digital Budget Planner

I like it. Very nice

Digital Planner for GoodNotes or PDF Markup Apps
Balagopal Veloiyath
Digital planner for goodnoted

To which mai id have you sent yhe planner to diwnload

Printable Planner Bundle
Abdul Rahman Nazimudeen
Boss Personal Planner

I used to by Print version and digital version of Boss Planners. They are very useful for my projects and planning. Thanks!

Custom Digital Planner
Michelle Carlentine

Great planner!! I have used Boss Personal Planner for quite some time now and I am never disappointed.

Plenty of stickers

Plenty of stickers to choose from in some different colorvariations.

Digital Starter Sticker Pack
Ann-Louise Vigortsson
An ok starter pack with stickers

It's an ok starter pack with stickers, but I would have liked somer more everyday stickers in the more handdrawn version that is on the first page.

Digital Teacher Planner
Tanya Coppock
Finally My Dark Planner

I've had your standard Teacher Planner for about 3-4 years now. I'm very light sensitive and have been awaiting the dark one ever since. My eyes can rest easy now and I know I have a great planner.

Digital Life Planner - 3-in-1 Combo
Tracy Campbell
Still getting used to it

It's got a lot of potential, but I need more time to sit with it and "design" my future.

Almost Everything I Could Possibly Want

I truly love this item with one glaring exception that makes absolutely no sense to me. Seriously, this is a powerful tool that is helpful on multiple levels. The one glaring exception is that there are not enough of the month pages for the year. There are only 8 month pages in the beginning. I cannot for the life of me understand why there are not enough month pages for a whole year. I still have to buy a new one each year. But I'm not going to lie here. I have looked at other personal planners that have all 12 months in the system. Other than that, I would recommend this tool strongly.

Digital Teacher Planner
Digital Teacher Planner

I really like it. It helps me organize my thoughts, projects, lesson plans, etc. Great product !!!

Digital Bullet Journal
The solution I’ve been searching for

The purchase, download and use of the journals is very easy. I liked the first one so much I bought the whole product line. Journals and stickers.

Digital Bullet Journal
Love the new Notebook

It reminds me of using a paper notebook with all the tabs being for various sub-topics.

Digital Bullet Journal
Fernando Peres
Nice .. but still not seamless...

Still NOT "clean" from a Digital Perspective

Digital Planner for GoodNotes or PDF Markup Apps
Patrick Mann
Amazing product!

Great experience, great product!


It's so nice to be able to cut and paste different style stickers (i've purchased and downloaded them all.
I'm waiting for you to come out with another set of planner pages.

Digital 100 Day Planner
Vivian Kohler

Really helpful. I can now organize myself

Digital Gratitude Journal
Loving the new Gratitude Journal

Love the sections for the “Wake Up Feeling”, the Affirmations, Challenges etc - plus a page to either reflect or extend the Gratitude thoughts. ;)

Digital Planner for GoodNotes or PDF Markup Apps
Sophie Leblanc
Très bien!

J’aime beaucoup!

Digital Business Planner
Boss Planner Review

Excellent app for Enterprenuers. I will recommend it!

Digital Teacher Planner
Vivian Kohler

I have been able to use the planners I bought. They are easy to use, and I love the stickers.

Digital Planner for GoodNotes or PDF Markup Apps
Jeff Weir
Such a cleaner look than the previous version

I Love my Digital Planner! I plan out each week and it keeps me goal oriented. I am able to accomplish so much more with using this planner.

Useful and sturdy

Perfect just what I wanted and needed