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Light Digital Teacher Planner

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Ask any great teacher their number one hack to success, and they’ll tell you that it’s “Planning”. To be great at teaching, just patience with your students and a unique ability to teach won’t do. As a teacher, you’re like a juggler on a unicycle, handling everything all at once - whether it’s your students, their parents, grades, syllabus, tests, school activities or academic progress.

Our digital planners are PDF planners with navigation links. Intended to be used with tablets with a stylus and an annotation app. You can then write on them just like pen and paper but enjoy the benefits of being digital on a tablet.

This is not an app by itself. It is intended to be used with other apps. Some paid and free apps are listed below:

  • GoodNotes
  • Notability
  • Notes Writer
  • Noteshelf
  • Xodo
  • Other annotation apps (could experience lack of features such as links not working. That is why we recommend the apps we do)

Reduce The Stresses Of Teaching

An easy-to-follow template that allows you to track everything that is happening with each class right on your tablet

Track Your Classes

Keep track of all aspects of your class throughout the year

Goal Setting

Set goals for your class to accomplish more

Pen and Paper Meets Digital

Enjoy the perks of pen and paper writing but all on your tablet

Be Ready For The Day

You can now easily have all your daily plans at your fingertips