Motivational Planners for 2021

Motivational Planners for 2021

There’s a whole heap of pressure on 2021 to be a heck of a lot better than 2020! If you’re feeling the pull of your own personal challenge and looking to get motivated for a great year ahead, then setting yourself up with a motivational planner is a great place to start. 

We’ve rounded up BOSS’s 5 most motivational planners to give you inspiration for your most well-organized year yet. 

Let’s jump straight in! 

Feel fit and fabulous with a Fitness Planner

If you’re anything like me, you’ll start a new exercise regime every other week. But you’re not a hopeless case. Part of that failure to launch is a failure to properly plan for success. Having a fitness planner fighting in your corner is the best possible way of yielding results on the health and wellness frontier. 

The BOSS  Fitness Planner is a fabulous place to start. It’s filled with action plans, habit-building sections and goal-setting areas that really set you up for both fitness and diet success. It’s the ultimate motivational planner for anyone looking to give their health a boost in 2021!

Get your finances in order with a Budget Planner

Motivational planners don’t stop with wellness. Your financial health is hugely important too, and sometimes a little planning is all it takes to get back on the bandwagon when it comes to your budgeting and saving goals. 

This  digital budget planner is one of the best motivational planners out there when it comes to sorting out your finances and making positive money goals. The planner helps you with goals and rewards, monitoring your expenses, working towards paying off your debts, and planning your savings.

Sort out school life with an Academic Planner

Some of the best motivational planners are those made for students. Let’s face it - student life is one of the least organized times of your life - right when you need it to be the most organized! If you’ve got classes you want to ace and busy schedules you want to stick to, an academic planner is a great idea for getting school or college life together. 

The BOSS  Academic Planner comes with comprehensive planning pages, helping you to nail even the toughest of school years! From course schedules to weekly assignments, grade trackers, notes sections, and places to work through your goals - if you’re a student then this is the best motivational planner you can lay your hands on!

Teach ‘em how it’s done with a Teacher Planner

A lot of us became teachers in 2020. Lockdowns, homeschooling, teacher planning - Oh My!

It’s all a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re having to juggle homeschooling with your regular job. Whether you’re a teacher by trade or a ‘pandemic professor’, getting your head in the game with a motivational planner can be a good way of staying on top of things in 2021. 

This  Teacher Planner is all you’ll ever need to plan out your weeks and months nourishing young minds. Its pages are laid out to help you get the best from your teaching role - from weekly and daily lesson planning sections to students’ field trips, parties, projects, homework, and goals - the layout of this planner will certainly motivate you to embrace your teaching duties - whether you’re getting paid to do them or not!

The best motivational planners are Personal Planners

If you came here looking for the best motivational planners for your own personal development then fear not - you have not been forgotten! If you’re looking for a personal planner for 2021 that has you lining up great goals and knocking them out of the park, then the BOSS  Personal Planner is definitely the right one for you.

With goal setting sections, a handy Eisenhower matrix, reading lists, daily, weekly and monthly planners, and a habit-forming page - this personal planner is all the motivation you’ll need to make 2021 your best year yet. 

Smash your goals with your pick of these motivational planners

2020 was a bit of a write-off, but 2021 doesn’t have to be the same. While there are always things outside of our control, getting pumped for a great year ahead is a great way of moving onwards and upwards. 

Whether you’re a teacher, student, wannabe budgeter or health nut - the right kind of planner can do wonders to boost your motivation and get you in the headspace for success. 

Did we motivate you yet?!

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