Best Digital Planners for 2024

Best Digital Planners for 2024

If you're looking for the best digital planner for 2024 we're going to help you pick the right one. If you're looking to organize your life and be more productive, this is going to help you.

What are digital planners?

Before we get to what the best digital planners are, let's get you familiar with what a digital planner is.

In short, digital planning is like a pen and paper planner but it's on your iPad or tablet. Using a stylus and digital planning apps, or PDF markup app, you can write on your planner just like it was a regular paper planner.

Please note, while there are many apps available, and you can use both Apple and Android tablets, we recommend using an iPad with the GoodNotes digital planning app. In terms of features and usability, it is by far the leader of planner apps.

That's the short version of what a digital planner is. If you're interested in learning more about digital planning, we have a more indepth article available here.

best digital planners weekly planner page design shown using goodnotes planner app

What should I look for in a digital planner?

The first thing you want to think about with your new digital planner is do you want to customize and build it or do you want something ready to go.

Most of our best digital planners are already built for you and ready to go. We do offer one customizable digital planner and one digital notebook than can be customized a bit as well.

When it comes to our premade digital planners, we have several options for you. In a little bit, we're going to go over each of our planners and what make them the best digital planners.

What makes ours the best?

Our planners are the best because they aren't just plain planners, they are productivity tools and systems.

The problem that we try to solve is feeling like you're doing a lot but never really accomplishing anything. Does that happen to you?

If you just use a to do list, you might think you're doing a lot every day, but you're not accomplishing the tasks that will help you reach your goals.

So we help you set your big goals in the beginning, then break them down into smaller goals that are easier to achieve. Once you start achieving the smaller goals, it'll snowball into bigger results.

Before you know it, you're accomplishing more goals and faster than ever. It's about having the perfect planner to accomplish your goals.

Basic features of our digital planners

  • To do lists
  • Monthly planner
  • Weekly planner
  • Note taking space
  • Daily schedule
  • Habit tracker
  • Top priorities

    If you want something more than just to dos or a note taking app, our planners will give you what you need.

    general daily planners priority planner example - best digital planners for 2022

    General Daily Planner

    Our most popular planner is our daily planner. It is a Digital Personal Planner that lets you plan down to the day.

    With most of our planners, you have more than just basic planning space, you have tools to help your be more productive.

    You start with the high level planning. You plan your big goals and what you want to achieve. Then you can break things down into smaller goals and tasks.

    Using the monthly pages to make big plans, then breaking them down into smaller tasks on the weekly pages, and finally smaller tasks on the daily pages that make the most sense.

    This way, when you accomplish all the daily tasks for the week, you'll have also accomplish the weekly tasks as well. The same goes for your monthly tasks.

    This planner gives you a specific daily page for each day you use it. You can add goals, set your schedule, write your workout, and lots of extra space for note taking.

    In addition to the daily, weekly, and monthly pages, you also have things like a habit tracker, reading list, Eisenhower Matrix, priority planner, and more.

    This is our most well rounded and popular digital planner. It has a few options, there is a dated and undated planner version. It is also available in both light and dark options.

    General Weekly Planner

    Some people don't like to have daily pages, they just want to have weekly pages. This is the one for those people.

    Your main planning template is the weekly page. Broken up over 2 full pages to give you more room, you can plan your week out by the hour.

    On the weekly pages, you also have room for a small calendar, key focuses, and plenty of room for notes.

    Like the daily version, you have monthly pages, habit tracker, reading list, Eisenhower Matrix, priority planner, and more.

    weekly templates to dos using goodnotes planner app - best digital planners for 2022

    Life Planner

    This planner is one of our newest and most popular planners. It takes the weekly planner and adds elements from our budget and fitness planners.

    In addition to the weekly layouts discussed above, you also get access to all of these great templates as well.

    Budget Section

    • Monthly budget
    • Transaction
    • Debt payments
    • Savings trackers

      Fitness Section

      • Goals
      • Workout log
      • Calendar planner
      • Calorie tracker
      • Measurements

        This planner is intended to be the best all-in-one, digital planners. Our budget and fitness planners are two of our most popular options so it makes sense to have them together in one.

        Budget Planner

        While the Life Planner offers some of the budgeting features, the full Digital Budget Planner includes everything.

        This is the ultimate digital planner if you want to monitor your personal finances and money.

        Additional Sections

        • Goals
        • Monthly budget worksheet
        • Transaction activity
        • Debt repayment tracker
        • Savings tracker
        • Wishlist planner
        • Credit tracker
        • Yearly summary
        • Notes

          Fitness Planner

          Like the budgeting aspect, the full Fitness Planner offers a lot more than what comes in the Life Planner. If you're looking for full fitness planning features, you'll love this planner.

          Additional pages

          • Calendar
          • Calorie & fitness log
          • Workout log
          • Habit tracker
          • Daily food log
          • Meal planners
          • Grocery list
          • Intermittent fasting tracker
          • Measurement tracker
          • Weight loss progress
          • Water intake tracker

            Business Planner

            If you run your own business or are starting one, this is the best digital planner to stay organized, the Digital Business Planner.

            While traditional "business plans" are typically a waste of time for most businesses, you need to have a plan of some sort. Our goal is to help you keep track of your business goals and plan to reach them.

            This is a productivity tool that will help your business grow and be successful without slowing you down.

            create goals in the business planner templates

            Customizable Planner

            If you're looking to build your own digital planner, this is the best option.

            With an unlimited number of possibilities, you can build the exact digital planner that fits you.

            The customizable version comes with insert elements that let you build exactly what you want. Along with the ones that come with the planner, you can also purchase additional inserts bundles as well.

            You simply add the inserts to the planner, move them and resize them to fit your needs.

            Gratitude Journal

            Do you care about your physical health? What about your mental health?

            This is one of the best digital planners you can have in your arsenal. It gives something different to work on, something very important.

            Spending a few minutes each day practicing daily gratitude can lead to strong mental health. When times are tough, this is especially important.

            100 Day Planner

            Sometimes we need to change from our normal routine, this is the planner for that.

            The focus with this planner is a 100 day sprint. Focus on the next 100 days, nothing more. Create a goal for that 100 days and break it down into smaller milestones.

            This is the best digital planner if you want to make a change in your life. Or, if you already made a change, like a new job, or opening a business, and you want to make sure you get the best start possible.

            You wont find this level of focus for such a sprint tactic in any other planners. This is one of the best digital planners that we offer.

            Bullet Journal

            This is great if you're looking for some freedom. The digital bullet journal is your blank canvas, or, if you choose, we offer prebuilt page templates you can use with it.

            The point is to let you build what you want, and use it how you want. Our other digital planners offer more guidance but this lets you go where you want.

            If you want to create a to do list, or mood tracker, create a calendar, or set reminders, you have the flexibility to do that.

            For a more in-depth look, make sure you check this out.

            bullet journal showing daily planners page with to do list

            Money Saving Challenge

            This one is less of a "digital planner" in the way that our others are but it still makes the list. The purpose of this is to help you save money.

            By doing money saving challenges, it makes saving money a little easier and more fun.

            With dozens of challenges ready to go, plus multiple custom versions, you can do whatever challenge you want.

            Over the course of a year you could save hundreds or thousands of dollars.

            Teacher Planner

            The school year can be tough for teachers, tons of students, lots of assignments, grading, projects, and so much more.

            Now, just manage it all with a digital planner. With so many important tasks, you don't want to forget about anything.

            A good planner will help make your teaching year a little bit easier.

            Student Planner

            If you're in school, you know how stressful it can be. Multiple classes, different projects, tests, and assignments. Managing your time becomes extremely important.

            You can save time and be more organized using the student planner. There is no area this planner doesn't cover.

            Being able to have access to all of your school information

            Are digital planners worth it?

            Do you want to be more organized? Do you want to be more productive? Do you want to accomplish your goals? Do you want more free time?

            If you answer yes to any of these questions, then yes, a digital planner is worth it, especially ours.

            We want to offer you more than just to do lists or a daily schedule. We offer a full system to make it easier to plan.

            You figure out what you really want, and what you really need to do and then build a plan to accomplish it.

            It makes you more effecient and organized.

            daily pages - best digital planners for 2022

            Is a paper or digital planner better?

            Part of it comes down to personal preference because some people really like paper planners. Although, there are more benefits to digital planners than with paper.

            Special features with digital planning

            • You can have many planners saved on your tablet without having to have multiple notebooks
            • With just your Apple Pencil or stylus, you have dozens of color and tool options.
            • One central place to keep all of your planners so they are easy to find and access
            • It's easy to make changes or erase things with no markings left on the "paper".
            • You can resuse undated planners multiple times without repurchasing.
            • Duplcating and copying pages is possible.
            • Add digital stickers or images to your planner.
            • Color coding is easy and makes for better organization.

              As you can see, there are a number of benefits that digital planners offer over traditional paper planners. It's not to say paper planners aren't good, it just shows that digital planners are better in some ways.

              What is the best digital planner to try today?

              If you are new to digital planning, give our free mini planner a try. It will let you give it a spin without having to buy anything.

              Once you fall in love with your digital planner and all of the great features, you'll be looking to upgrade to try a full one.

              Our recommendation for a good first planner would be either the Daily Planner, Weekly Planner, or Life Planner. These provide good, well rounded, planning templates.

              monthly calendar displayed on ipad screen using goodnotes planner app

              What are the best digital planner apps?

              We briefly mentioned one of the digital planner apps that can be used which is GoodNotes. GoodNotes is the best planner apps for the iPad.

              Some other options that people use are Noteability, ZoomNotes, or Noteshelf. These are still good apps, they aren't as good as the GoodNotes app.

              If you are an Android user, we suggest using Xodo. It's a free option that still gives you good features and usability.

              Want to try a free digital planner?

              If you want to try a free digital planner, we offer a mini planner that you can download and try.

              The free planner works just like any of our other planners so you can download it and open it with a PDF markup app.

              Get started today

              Now you know what the best digital planners are. We have so many great options and they are all built to help you organize your life. From keeping track of important events to daily planning and even meal planning.

              We have digital planners for everything. Planning is often forgotten about but it is the key to being happy and successful.

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